Discount Days 2014

Don’t forget to diarize the

Club Paintball Days For 2014:

First Saturday of Every Month 2-5pm



1st March

22nd March

5th April has been moved to 12 April because of the Bathurst Show and was then promptly moved to the 26th because of Grad and Easter.

3 May has been moved to 10 May

BONUS GAME : 24 May (just before Swot Week)

JUNE 7th

JULY 5th






Bring your own equipment, or rent ours. No booking required.

Anyone over the age of 10 welcome.

(Large groups require a private booking. Please contact us.)

New Bikes Just Arrived…

We’re still unpacking them, but we have a BIG BOY REVIVAL, 2 x GOMOTO FREEDOMS, 1 x BASHAN XPLODE 125, and a JONWAY ACTIVA, sitting in boxes on our floor. All brand new. Prices, specs and photos by the end of the week, if the video editing for the paintball goes according to plan.

Discount Day : 2 August 2-5pm

It’s a lot-tle late. I know. My apologies.

Game this Saturday 2-5pm. Regular discount prices apply. R15 per 50. R130 per 500.

Snacks and drinks will be available. (And maybe cupcakes).

All welcome. We all play together and have a blast.



Discount Day : Festival Fun : 5th July 2-5pm

This is just a heads up that we are still having a game on Saturday the 5th of July from 2-5pm.

Normal rules apply. Only pay for the paintballs. Gas is free if you use our rental markers, which are also free on discount days.

Plus, this is the first weekend of festival, so get your significant other to give you the afternoon off by slipping a few festival funds their way and come join us. This is an awesome opportunity for you to invite friends from out of town and make a day of it. The club should also be open if you want to stick around for some drinks afterwards.

Discount Day : June 7th 2-5pm : Destresser

You read right. Game this Saturday. Exam Destresser. The next game after this is July 5th. Please remember this is a day you can come and meet other players, have a great time out in the sun, and just live a life of paintball happiness. We all play together, experienced and amateur alike. You can join for one game or all five. Bring a picnic blanket with and chill with friends. Whatever. Chips, Chocolates, Cooldrinks all available too.

Discount Day : Sat May 24th, 2pm-5pm

Hope you’ve noticed the change in title. Discount Day just sounds SOOOO much better than “Club Day”, and fits in a lot better with our “Just Have Fun” policy.

As you can see, the next Discount Day is this Saturday, May 24th, 2pm-5pm. This is the LAST game before exams. Everyone is welcome, as always. Remember, we’re pretty chilled about who comes. You can even invite friends who just want to cheer. But no large groups. 8 people max. We have limited rental equipment until the new stuff arrives in July. And no alcohol.


Paintballs: R15 for 50, R130 for 500, R480 for 2000. You can buy as a group and share. Field paint only. R50 corkage if you bring your own paintballs.

There is no charge for rental equipment.

If you have your own equipment, Gas fills are R1.50 per ounce just to cover the cost of the gas.

If you and your friends are interested in the proposed 7th of June game during exams, please let us know as soon as possible. You can contact us via email, facebook, whatsapp 083 956 5973 or landline. Otherwise, we’re taking the day off to work on the field.

Fingers crossed, the new chest protectors, theme teams, and flags will be finished and here. It just didn’t happen for the last Discount Day. There’s a lot happening at the moment and small changes are being done to the field every week. (Just a heads up, there may be a downed ‘helicopter’ – not a real one – on the tyre field one of these days)

Due to fantastic feedback, Cool drinks, chips and chocolates will all be available again.

Discount Day : Saturday 10 May 2-5pm

Don’t forget the game this Saturday 10 May. 2-5pm as usual.

Full changes to the field set to be finished in time for 3rd term.

Our brand new teams have been decided. When you come to play, you can choose between “Game of Thrones” or “Walking Dead”.

Remember, anyone can join us. Even if they don’t want to play. Just bring a blanket and chill out on the grass.

Chips, chocolates and cooldrinks will be available.

The next game will be on May 24th, just before o-week. If anyone is interested in having a game during exams, just drop us an email.


**SOLD** Honda Tornado XR250

Full service history from Honda Dealership

Scorch Pipe (original exhaust available)

Minor scratches in the plastic panels

After market hand guards

Road Legal – all paperwork up-to-date

Licencing : R800





DSCF7649  DSCF7651DSCF7650

Discount Day : Change of dates

April is really messing us around with the dates for the open game. We had planned to have a game this Saturday, but apparently that’s Grad, and since most of you are either on holiday, or will be partying it up with your Graduating friends, we’re moving the date. If anyone was really keen about this weekend, let us know by whatsapping/smsing 083 956 5973.

Next weekend is also out, because it’s Easter.

So the next open day will be Saturday April 26th, 2-5pm.

May will have two games. Saturday 10th May 2-5pm, and Saturday 24th May 2-5pm, just before swot week.


Vote for this year’s teams



We’re ramping it up this year, in the coolness department. Redoing the field, making new chest protectors, new flags.

In order to maximize the awesomeness, please vote for the new teams to be used on the flags and chest protectors….

You can vote via Facebook, if you have Facebook by clicking this link….

Or, comment on the discussion page here…. (If you’re on the discussion page, comment at the bottom of this page…) Your comment will not show up immediately.

Who’s Team would you be on?
Vote on the Team and Flags we’ll be using this year… Choose 2. Have other (reasonable and child-friendly) suggestions? Comment below…