Discount Day 7th March 2-5pm

Dear Paintball Peeps,

My apologies for the late notice. My internet connection has been buggy. Don’t forget the discount day tomorrow, Saturday 7th March. 2-5pm as usual. Friends and Family are always welcome, whether they want to play or just chill. Cards are accepted.

Game on!

Great Field Paintball Update

The speedball field on the Great Field is pitch and play, paintball peeps. If the weather holds games will start at 3. Paintballs are covered. You might get charged R40 at the door.


Valid for Saturday 21st February 2015 only…

Discount Day : Saturday November 8th 2014 2-5pm

Its that time of the year again.

The last game.

To those of you about to write exams : GOOD LUCK!

To those of you busy writing exams : TAKE BREAKS!

To those of you finished writing exams : You have NO excuse not to be there this Saturday ;-)

To those of you busy working : Shame, you need a paintball day. It’ll make you feel better.

Come visit. Even if you haven’t got cash to play, you can always cheer. Bring camping chairs, bring a picnic, go to the club with us afterwards. Whatever. Just come have a break.

And everybody…rub every lucky thing you own so we have FANTASTIC weather this weekend.

Game On, Paintball Peeps

Discount Day : 8th November 2014

Hey Y’all

This ones a long one. Bear with me.

Discount Day

Heads up about the Discount Day next month. Because of the Grahamstown Flower Festival (which is on the weekend of the 1st-2nd November), and the fact that we will be attending it because I (Siobhan) have a stand at the craft market (this year at the monument), the game will be on the second Saturday, 8th November. Normal rules apply. This will be our last discount day of the year, unless there are peeps still here in December who want to play.


It will also (hopefully) be the last day we play with the field as it is because we’re planning to redesign over the Christmas holidays and relaunch in 2015 to celebrate our 9 YEAR ANNIVERSARY! If anyone has any ideas or suggestions or wants to join us for our Bunker Bash (which includes a braai and sometimes power tools) and is hanging around over December, just let us know, even if you don’t use the power tools company is always welcomed.

Photos and Video

I’ve had a very rough year. (Mostly including waking up on Friday and realizing I managed to skip Monday through Thursday somehow – I’m sure most of you can relate). Videos and Photos (of which there are quite a few – and some REALLY funny ones) will be posted soon. Editing takes FOREVER apparently.


It’s coming up to the end of the year. A lot of you will be leaving Grahamstown soon. Should you, for any reason, no longer wish to receive this email, just click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email. Google Feedburner will ask you to confirm. Once you click confirm you will never hear from us again. Just, maybe wait until after the photos and videos have been done so you don’t miss the update. You may, of course, resubscribe at any point simply by going to our site, putting your email in the newsletter box and clicking confirm in the email Feedburner sends you.

Discount Day : 4 October 2-5pm

Hey all,

Discount Day this weekend. 2-5pm.

Rumour is we may have a dive cyl available for those who use air for their markers.

Cross fingers we have good weather.

And if anyone knows Farai and Tapiwa (who had his birthday party with us during boat races). Please tell them to come pay us. We don’t appreciate being stolen from.

New Bikes Just Arrived…

We’re still unpacking them, but we have a BIG BOY REVIVAL, 2 x GOMOTO FREEDOMS, 1 x BASHAN XPLODE 125, and a JONWAY ACTIVA, sitting in boxes on our floor. All brand new. Prices, specs and photos by the end of the week, if the video editing for the paintball goes according to plan.